A bit more about us…

23 May

Finally OVER – recitals, exams and university stress!!!

As we were celebrating the fabulous weather outside we had a chat/interview about us andthe Labyrinth and we decided to share its conclusions with you 🙂

Tom in 5 words: frank, astute, trustworthy, laid back and uh.. normal, i guess…

Well, Joe was not that modest: Best Hair in the world. 🙂

and JJ: confident, ambitious, friendly, zealous, odd-humored.

We got a bit nostalgic and remembered some great group moments like… our London Road Trip, “rocking red socks with boat shoes in 09′ – labeled by some as the most invotive moment in mens wear since the duke of windsor ordered a tuxedo in dark blue” (Joe)… or, from Tom’s point of view, the birth of the tune ‘Two-eyes’.

We didn’t agree on the group’s best tune either as JJ voted for ‘Tenuous Link’, Tom for ‘Prince and the Porpoise’ and Joe, just to relax us went for ‘Pillars of creation part one’ – “because I don’t play on it, I get a chance to drink beer, fix my gear and take a deep breath.”

What else?? Oh yes… a few recommendations:

JJ – Will Vinson

Tom – Steely Dan and ‘Dolpin Dance’ by Herbie Hancock

Joe – New York based guitarist Gilad Hekselman with his tune New York Angels

See ya!!!!


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